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The Rainbow Connection

32 Lessons, PreK

(also appropriate for grades K-1)

A central concept of Unitarian Universalism is the seven Principles that all congregations affirm and promote. These Principles are considered to be strong values and moral guides that each of us may use to guide our lives.

Although preschool children are too young to memorize the Principles, we can begin to acquaint them with the ideas behind the Principles.  We can focus on the values inherent in each - values that all parents wish to instill in their children, such as respect, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, responsibility and good citizenship.

The Rainbow Connection uses popular story books for preschoolers to discuss those values inherent in the Principles and in Unitarian Universalism. At the preschool age, children begin to understand the concepts of justice and fairness and begin to learn about what is “right” and “wrong”, or “good” and “bad”.  Story books are chosen to help illustrate the values supported by parents. 

Four sessions are devoted to each Principle, helping preschoolers to explore the values that unite us as UUs. Additional holiday-based classes are also included to replace or add to your curriculum.   And, because socialization and comfort are important goals for this age, each class contains a fun craft project, time for songs and games, and time for free play with friends.

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