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Harry and UU Horcruxes

Your class will form a chapter of Dumbledore’s Army and will fight seven real-world Horcruxes throughout the year, much like Harry and his friends fought Voldemort’s Horcruxes.  Although any wrong that needs to be righted can be chosen as a Horcrux, this curriculum provides the outline for seven Horcruxes found to be relatable to children, and to be ones in which tangible results could be obtained.  The Horcruxes provided are:

  • The Hatred Horcrux - NEW!
  • The Illiteracy Horcrux
  • The Hunger Horcrux
  • The Poverty Horcrux
  • The Child Slavery Horcrux
  • The Sickness Horcrux
  • The Animal Cruelty Horcrux
  • The Environmental Horcrux

Instructions are provided for customizing the Horcrux fights for your class and geographic area, as well as how to create your own Horcrux.  There is also a template included for a Disaster Horcrux, intended to allow your chapter of Dumbledore's Army to provide help to a disaster, should one occur during the year.  

Your chapter of Dumbledore's Army will be capable of producing amazing results!  

View the results obtained by one class in one year.

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