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The Fifth Dimension - Episode List

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Time Enough At Last1nuclear war, solitude versus loneliness
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street1the dangers of prejudice and hysteria
The Howling Man2evil
Eye of the Beholder2prejudice and social conformity
A Most Unusual Camera2greed
The Obsolete Man2censorship and the dangers of totalitarianism
Two3geopolitical differences
The Shelter3nuclear war
A Quality of Mercy3bigotry
To Serve Man3visitors from outer space, and speciesism
Four O'Clock3the danger of being judgmental
The Old Man in the Cave5greed, power, and questioning one's faith 
Number 12 Looks Just Like You5conformity and objectification
I Am the Night - Color Me Black5racism and capital punishment
The Brain Center at Whipple's5excessive industrialization

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