• NEW! D'Oh, God! Book II is the second curriculum to use the animated series The Simpsons, this time for social justice discussions.  Learn more.
  • D'Oh, God! The original middle school curriculum using The Simpsons as the basis for discussion of religious topics. Learn more.
  • Harry and UU. Our best seller! The magical power of Harry Potter is channeled into the fight against 7 real-world horcruxes in this social action curriculum for grades 4-5.  Learn more.
  • The Fifth Dimension. The television series The Twilight Zone has timeless stories, perfect for discussions of social justice.   Learn more.
  • The Rainbow Connection.  Popular storybooks are used as the basis for this first introduction to the 7 UU Principles for preschoolers. Learn more.
  • Principled Music. Popular music from the 1960s to the present is perfectly in tune with discussions on social justice.  Learn more.

Imagine religious education that's engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking.  Imagine classes that are easy to teach and to administer.  Imagine curriculum that makes children WANT to attend class! Make imagination reality.  The curriculum of Imagine-RE combines popular culture with fun for lessons that kids will want to be a part of.  No more old school Sunday school!

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